About Concentria Weddings



We’re not photographers, we are creators of love stories and fun tales!


Concentria Weddings is artistic, hard working, and personable. We are focused on bringing out your true personalities through our photography.  We give you a fun experience while you are having your portraits taken.  After all, you look your best while you’re enjoying yourselves!


Your life, beautifully captured.


We service Washington DC and the DMV area, Philadelphia, New York City, and Colorado.  We also travel to destination weddings anywhere.


When behind the camera, we are passionate about creating natural and relaxed environments for our clients’ portraits and candid event shots. We captures who you are at your most natural and beautiful, and bring your moments alive with energy and emotions coming out of photographic images. We love capturing the real, romantic moments that two people create… holding hands, a glance, a kiss, all perfect moments. It is these moments that most inspire our work.

Web Design

Your custom website is terrific for sharing your wonderful life story, from childhood to Engagement to Wedding day, as well future major milestones. Share these wonderful moments with family and friends, so they could leave you their wishes and comments on your own personal website. Updating with future milestones as life unfolds is simply at your fingertips, such as maternity, baby, 1st birthday, family reunions, elementary school… It’s like having your own personalized Facebook page, where you have total control over content, and a much more elegant and classy way of staying in touch with family and friends!

Custom Movie Posters

You’re the star of your most precious day! So why not feature your wedding day in the form of a movie poster with YOU being the main star! Our custom movie poster is our most unique product in the ENTIRE WEDDING INDUSTRY! We do so by utilizing our studio’s graphic design AND photography skills. We create the most beautiful and memorable conversational pieces for you!

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