Concentria Weddings offers best-value packages to clients with dedication, quality, and artistry. 


You can find photographers who are much more pricey, but our quality and dedication is among those at the top. 

If you value photography and videography that tells your story creatively and beautifully, as well as custom image products to be enjoyed over many years, we are your best choice! 

Our services include, but not limited to, custom designed invitations, photo collages, photo books and albums, archival-quality fine art prints, photo sessions of engagements, wedding day, portraits, family events as well as videography. 

We can even create custom movie posters that feature you as the star of your special story! We are also very flexible in terms of customizing to clients’ budgets. If you want to suggest a proposal we can create a customized package best suited for your needs.

Please click the icon on the right to view our standard packages. And we look forward to hearing your specific needs as well!